Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment for legs

Need Spider Vein Treatment? 

Spider veins are commonly found on your legs, face, ankles, and thighs. Spider vein’s appearance varies, they could be spider-shaped, hence the name, branch shaped, or appear as thin, short lines. As you age, spider veins begin to appear more often, but they do not have to be permanent or lead to causing more damage to your legs. Vincent Vein Center provides spider vein treatments to our clients in Grand Junction, CO.

There are three primary causes of Spider Veins:

Heredity: If you know someone in your family who has suffered from spider veins, the likelihood that you will is extremely high.

Pregnancy: Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can cause poor blood circulation, which in turn results in spider vein growth.

Immobility: If you’re a person who often finds yourself sitting or standing in one place, then you have an increased chance of developing spider veins in your legs.

Spider Vein Treatments

Luckily there are spider vein treatments before any damage is done to the veins and blood clots develop.

One of the main spider vein treatments is sclerotherapy is the main treatment for cosmetic spider vein improvements. This non-invasive treatment works through tiny injections made by a microneedle into the broken, non-functional blue or purple blood vessels. A solution is then inserted into the vessel to contract and collapse the vessel, causing it to turn white and gradually disappear.


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