Spider Vein Cures

spider vein cures in grand junction co

Are there any spider vein cures?

Are you starting to see twisted red, purple and blue vessels along your thighs, legs, and face? It is possible that you are starting to gain the visual symptoms of spider veins, otherwise known as thread veins.

Treatments for Spider Veins

Fortunately, there are a variety of spider vein cures. This vein abnormality is similar to varicose veins, the only difference is that varicose veins are larger. Spider veins are small blood vessels that are swollen with twists and turns, causing visible vein lines along with parts of your body.

The tiny clusters of blood vessels surface to the skin and make your skin visually unappealing. It is uncommon for spider veins to cause serious complications, but because of their presence, it is possible that skin ulcers can form.

Types of Spider Vein Cures

Natural Remedies

Vitamin C:

There are several natural spider vein cures that you can do. Increasing vitamin C helps the production of proteins called collagen and elastin. Collagen is the protein that helps build skin and blood vessels. It works with elastin to help keep vein walls flexible and strong.

Not having enough vitamin C can cause weakening in the veins and lead to poor blood circulation. Common foods with vitamin C are citrus fruits, juice, red peppers, and cauliflower.

Vitamin B:

This vitamin can be considered part of the spider vein cures because it helps keep veins strong. Vitamin B helps prevent further spider veins from occurring. Folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin B12 in a daily diet are important to help prevent blood clots and spider veins. Vitamin B3 also improves blood circulation. Foods that are rich in vitamin B include beef, liver, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin E:

Antioxidant-rich compounds otherwise known as Vitamin E help combat free radicals that could be damaging healthy blood cells. Vitamin E helps prevent and repair vein damage, protects skin and cell membranes apart from strengthening your capillaries. Foods that include Vitamin E are types of nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and wheat germ oil.

Lifestyle Change:

Some spider vein cures can be as simple as changing how you live. Increasing physical activity and losing weight (if overweight or obese), can help reduce and treat spider veins.

Common Spider Vein Cures & Procedures


Possibly one of the most effective spider vein cures, sclerotherapy is a procedure that uses high concentrates of saline that is injected into the affected veins. The treatment causes the vein to turn white and gradually disappear after a few weeks.

Endovenous Laser Treatment:

This procedure involves a small laser fiber that is inserted into the deformed veins. Pulses of laser light beam inside the vein causing the vein to collapse and disappear.

Radiofrequency Ablation:

Vein doctors thread a catheter into problem veins to heat and collapse the vein. This method effectively closes off the problem veins.

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