Vein Care

Vein Care in Grand Junction Colorado

Take Care of your Veins

Taking care of your veins at an early stage before any damage occurs is an ideal goal. However, if you’re starting to show signs of damaged veins, such as discoloration, swelling and itchy legs, it may still be early enough to reduce and protect your veins.

The main function of veins are to make blood flow back up to the heart. As a result of sitting or standing for long periods of time, blood settles in the legs. Without muscles, moving and working, the veins do not have help to pump the blood back up, against gravity. Slight changes in life style could help treat early symptoms of damaged veins. Taking care of your body and leg workouts into your lifestyle are the first steps to vein care.

Here are some examples of work outs that will benefit your veins:

Bike Cycle Workout: If you lie on your back and pretend to ride a bicycle, this helps relieve your veins of extra stress and strengthen leg muscles.

Toes on a Step: Stand one step and balance your weight so that your heels slightly hang off the step, then let your heels drop below the step then come back up into the balanced position, this will stretch your calf and help your veins.

Gentle Work Outs: Walking or swimming 30 minutes a day 4 times a week will greatly increase blood flow and muscle tone.

Legs Above Heart: Raise your legs above your heart 3-4 times a day for 15 minute periods. You can also sleep with a your legs on a extra pillow, the slight elevation will help blood flow.

Are you Having Vein Problems?

Vein problems occur in over 50% of individuals past the age of 50 in the United States. Luckily there are several forms of treatment for vein diseases. Through either minor surgery, laser light, or shots, damaged veins can be remedied. One of the best treatments for early signs of vein diseases are the lifestyle changes noted above as well as investing in compression stockings, that if combined with movement gently compact the leg muscles to help veins with the blood flow, reduce hypertension, and slow down progression of vein diseases.


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